International Media Forensics Collection Survey

The data being collected is to be used as a research product in the Utica College Cyber Security Masters program and in the Keiser University DBA program. All data will be made available for post hoc analysis in the peer community. Once the data has been collected and normalized notification will be sent out that the data is available. An accompanying research paper will be submitted for publication revealing the outcome of the collected data. The data being gathered will be used for academic research purposes. The goal sample is to have 200 respondents from each category of examiner. Questions regarding the paper and data can be sent to or

This survey is critical to the designers of course content. There is a significant lack of feedback being collected from Law Enforcement and Government entities. This survey will be a part of a research paper that will be provided to everyone that participates in this survey.

If you would like to participate in this incredibly important study Click Here

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