Sensitive Site Exploitation

Sensitive Site Exploitation or SSE is a new buzzword for a very old process (Law Enforcement Forensics).  In todays complex theaters of operations around the world the need to be able to gather data from all usable sources has become critical.

 In gathering intelligence from found or created targets the operators and agents worldwide are having to learn new skills that allow for the collection of intelligence from many related activities.  These activities include the ability to exploit and understand:

  • Personnel documents (DOCEX)
  • Communication/Cellphone Exploitation (CELLEX)
  • Electronic Media Exploitation (MEDEX)
  • Materials (Biometrics)

FS is uniquely positioned and qualified to be able to provide any size element the skills required to be successful in the collection and processing in the categories above.  HTCI trainers as well as our Research and Development team have years of experience in the workflows that allow for the collection of SSE materials  competently, efficiently and effectively.

HTCI training is designed around real world hands on training in state of the art facilities designed to produce the maximum possible training effect.  HTCI employs blended training techniques that take advantage of the world of technology to pair with the hands on skills required by the operator or agent.

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