Our History

High Tech Crime Institute is a global leader in Mobile Cell Phone Forensics, Mobile Forensics Software and Mobile Forensics Training and Education.  HTCI has been uniquely qualified to provide expert Forensic Instruction, proactive Security Management and Computer Forensics platforms and classes to the military, police, emergency services and the general public since 2002.

On March 2, 2002, the High Tech Crime Institute (HTCI) opened offices in Madison, CT and Waynesville, MO with the intention of bringing high quality education to the law enforcement community. Initially, the company offered two courses: (1) Basic Computer Crime Investigation and (2) Child Pornography Investigation.

Over the years, the repertoire of available courses has continued to grow as demand for more sophisticated training increases. Our current specialized training addresses areas such as computer fraud investigation, cell phone and portable storage investigation, and online exploitation of children / child pornography investigations. Faculty members are active and retired law enforcement professionals who understand, firsthand, that high-quality comprehensive computer investigation training and tools are imperative to law enforcement effectiveness.

HTCI offers certification training. This training is a tiered structure that takes investigators from first responder, through the process of conducting complete digital and forensic investigations, and through the thorough analysis and processing of digital evidence. The final phase is training in online and network investigations, after which, students earn certification.

Our company continues to thrive and expand in national and international markets. While we are an industry leader in training local, state, and federal agencies in computer crime investigation and computer forensics, we have also expanded our global presence into England, Turkey, Brazil, India, Australia, Denmark, and NATO.

In addition to worldwide training, HTCI has developed a comprehensive line of digital forensics hardware, software, and learning tools. This line of products is updated as needs change and increase. Some of our most popular products include our Electronic Discovery Analysis System (EDAS FOX) and Weapons Intelligence Team (WIT) Kit which is also utilized as a rapid response. More information on all our products are available at www.forensicstore.com

In 2014 HTCI reorganized itself, realigning all of its business processes. During this process HTCI sold its line of computers to the EDAS FOX LLC company. With this change HTCI has been allowed to refocus on its core concepts Edcuation, Services and Software development.

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