We are the experts

Our cadre are all current or recently former professionals that are or have been working in these fields for years. HTCI is proud to present the hands on training that will allow a student to come to one of our courses and gain the knowledge and skills that are required to gather intelligence or evidence in the complex world of battlefield crime scenes or sensitive sites.  HTCI has always taught in the lead from the front method.  In other words the instructors have successfully completed this type of work in the world yielding usable evidence or actionable intelligence around the world.  HTCI bring to the table the backend “So What” to the student allowing them really understand why this training is critical in todays world of terrorism and international criminal enterprises.

HTCI training is based on the blended.  This training model employs the very best of internet based instruction or distance learning instruction with in classroom instructor led skills.  We have found that students leave with the very best education.

HTCI has also leaned forward providing reach back capabilities for its students allowing them a place to turn to if they have questions when in the field.

HTCI cadre are experts in the fields of:

  • Cellular Exploitation (CELLEX)
  • Media Exploitation (MEDEX)
  • Document Exploitation (DOCEX)

Leading the way

TFS is a leader in the research and development of cellular and media exploitation providing DOD and NATO with working models for media exploitation that will guarantee that the data collected is the absolute most possible.

Bottom line when it comes to CELLEX/MEDEX/DOCEX there is only one clear choice for all your training or reachbackcapabilities

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